Tanweer Ahmad

Tanweer Ahmad

I am Tanweer Ahmad, student of Telecommunication Engineering at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro. The reason behind why I selected Telecommunication Field as my profession is that I always wanted to work with wireless sensors & specifically internet.

My hobbies include reading novels, surfing internet (reading news blogs, sometimes writing as well & being at discussion boards), watching movies sometimes & playing games for few minutes, but my favorite of all is Programming. People can be addicted to several things, to video games, to social engines, to movies, but I’m little bit different as I’m addicted to programming. No matter what so ever it is something that I can never stop doing.

I was 13 years old when I got my first computer, but I didn’t have internet connection (it was too expensive, was able to purchase credit for internet for one or two days per month). It was pretty much slow with 900mhz processor & 256mb ram, there came a time when I had to manage everything with 128mb ram only. Slowly & gradually collected pocket money & kept upgrading it but the best that I could purchase was core 2 duo in the age of 17 years. Everything was too tough, during day time we used to have electricity for 12 hours but too dim that my computer wasn’t able to operate on it, neither I’d any proper internet connection. It was too slow that I couldn’t use adobe after effects & had to work with ulead video studio because of that. Developed so many websites (blogs, forums, shopping sites), opened a hosting company as well with my friend. When I turned 18 I got interest in free lancing jobs & made enough money within two weeks that I was able to purchase a laptop on the first day of my university.

C Language was the very first language that I learnt during the first semester of my university. Where everyone used to get bored of this subject I was the only student in my batch who enjoyed enough that using simple functions I’d coded the first game of my life, it was regarding guessing a random number, too small, tiny, but it was the program from where I started my journey in programming world.

We had Data Structure & Algorithms (DSA) subject in second semester, pretty soon our DSA teacher realized I’d pretty good programming skills, I never used to note down the code written by Sir on white board instead used to look at the board while sir writes & pointed out the mistakes that could lead towards compilation errors. Sir suggested me to go for Java. We were having Matlab as well during our second semester & while we were learning basic functions like generating numbers, vectors, matrices, plotting graphs, using the same knowledge & a little bit GUI knowledge learned from internet I made two programs, one game, again related to random number guessing game but GUI based & bit advanced than my previous one & a GUI based program that could plot the graphs for anyone with respect to the values given to it.

During the same semester I participated in a Blogging Contest, never knew how much I was capable of but won that competition at first position, became to official blogger of MUETTECH, after sometime became the chief blogger, I was the one to manage every blog at muettech.com & then became official web-developer over there. Each day these little achievements were increasing my inner confidence.

At the end of second semester we got 2 weeks winter vacation, I researched a lot on several languages & decided to learn Java. In January 2015 I joined an academy Bell Labs at Jamshoro, started learning Java there with full interest. Suddenly after two months lost my laptop (unrecoverable hardware problem), left academy as I wasn’t able to complete my assignments without my laptop, got depressed for a whole month & then purchased newer, better laptop. But then I’d a lot of syllabus work remaining to do, couldn’t continue learning Java.

In summer vacations I tried android programming, learned basics but it was little bit tough to continue without a teacher, so I re-started java on internet & made the first game I could be feel pride upon, My Car Racing Game, what I always wanted to code. During those vacations I touched my goal of typing as fast as 120 words per minute, I accomplished my goal & became able to type 123 words per minute (highest, not average). After vacations when I rejoined university for our fourth semester & was contacted by a team to join them & organize IMMUET 15. I was supposed to take responsibilities of programmer only but there wasn’t any web developer so I was given responsibility to develop the official website as well. It was too complicated to develop a website, fulfill responsibilities as a programmer as well as to manage my university course. Sometimes I felt too much down but never gave up, developed the website (immuet.tlians.com), coded the programs that were supposed to conduct Quiz Segment in the event. Operated whole event on 7th October, cannot tell my feelings that day, it was a life changing event for me.

During the fourth semester we got a subject of Micro Controllers & Interfacing  in which we learned pretty much about 8051, this subject was the reason that at the end of Semester I got interest in an advanced Micro controller Arduino, learned its programming & how to work with sensors & developed pretty interesting projects in it.

We got winter vacation again, I got interest in Internet of Things, learned Python (basic functions & basic gui libraries including tkinter & PyQt) for 1.5 week & checked out C#. When winter vacations ended, university re-opened, for the first time participated in a programming contest. I wasn’t aware of the rules on which everyone was supposed be judged upon, I though speed programming means the one who completes the task at first will be the winner. My experience was in Java but I selected C++ as my language for this competition, we were given two tasks & I completed both with perfect output, but didn’t took care of naming convention in first task (I was pretty much self learner while my competition was with Computer System & Software Engineering Students who had participated several times before as well), all this became the reason that I won the competition but at second position. Went back home, completed same tasks in Java, enjoyed a lot to work with java after a long time, developed GUI in Java of the console based application (Help the Kangaroo) that I had completed in C++ during competition. All this again lead me towards getting interest in Java all over again.

This is our fifth semester, since two years at university I’ve always obtained highest marks in every computer related subject, don’t know why but my love computers & programming seems to be immortal.